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The icing on the cake is golden today.....

December 7, 2013


The day started early today with a 10am rehearsal - I know, 10am isn't early but, for musicians, morning rehearsals are not what we like under normal circumstances but needs must when you have around 200 people to accommodate on your first full run through.


I can safely say that with another rehearsal before the first show tomorrow we are in great shape. The Orchestra arrived early to give me my 'warm up' fix as I mentioned yesterday and I must say played beautifully throughout the session. We've got some new guys in this year's team and they all shone on what was their first look at the notes. It may seem a little strange but I still get super excited for every rehearsal, every show and every venue especially when all three are known quantities as they are for this gig.


As you may recall, I have my parents with me on this trip celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary and today is the actual day (plus the fifty years of course) to the day of that special time. Earlier today I took them to the famous and fabulous Bewley's Grafton Street Cafe - it obviously would have been rude not to try the lovely cream cakes (pictured above)...! As I write, my parents are both busy preparing to go for dinner with me and I've jokingly suggested that they recreate their Wedding Breakfast but perhaps a ham salad with some warm mashed potato isn't quite the thing when you're heading to one of Dublin's finest steak houses for the evening. I do feel privileged that my work affords me the opportunity to travel and even better when you can bring your family with you especially for such a wonderful celebration....only thing missing really..... Andi and the children.


So tomorrow is show day. Rehearsal 10am - 2pm, show 1 at 3pm (a 5,000 seat sell out) and then show 2 at 6pm. There are still a few tickets left for this one if you're close to Dublin and quick. It will be a big day in terms of pacing but no pain, no gain as they say. I'm very much looking forward to flying with the big white fella once again... more tomorrow.



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