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There's no business like snow business: day 1

December 6, 2013


Rehearsals started today with all the young people only in attendance (the orchestra will join us in the morning) - lots of dancing, much singing and oodles of fun all round!

We managed to cover the whole show due to the sheer enthusiasm and professionalism of these wonderful theatre school kids and their teachers. It never fails to surprise and impress me in equal measure how wonderful young musicians and dancers can be... it's infectious and only serves to bring out the best in oneself in terms of energy and enjoyment.

We have kids from 5 to 17 and there's around 150 of them, scary for some I know but once you have them on your side they are a true force of nature and nothing, and I do mean nothing, seems impossible. I would, though, be masking the truth a little if I said that I wasn't looking forward to seeing all my fabulous colleagues from the Irish Philharmonic in the morning when at around 10am we go again with the full live soundtrack of the Snowman - believe me, there is nothing I know that compares to the sound of great players coming together pre-rehearsal as they begin to warm up their instruments, fingers, put brains into gear etc, etc... I love it!

And so to bed after a well earned dinner and a wind down (there may have been wine I'm not sure...), with one of those aforementioned Irish Phil musicians. Always great to catch up with mates because luckily that's how it often is in this business....... more tomorrow.




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